When you are listening to the Grand Prairie Band it’s easy to believe you are in a bar in Nashville or Las Vegas.

The six-piece band are one of the foremost country music acts in the UK and, after listening to them playing two sets , it came as no surprise to learn that they had been nominated for a major British country award this year.

This talented outfit are fronted by Rob Wilson who sings and plays bass guitar and Jenny Ormonde, whose talents are numerous and impressive as she sings and plays accordion, flute and harmonica. Jenny really has come a long way from Tipperary to settle in London and she showed her versatility on a wide range of songs.

Jenny and Rob harmonise well together too as they showed on a fine interpretation of the old Pussycat hit Mississippi. The Prairies presented also an original track off their latest album This Ain’t Reno, the country rocker A Little Bit Of Nice Boy.